Who Are we and What We Do

FlippinSoCal are a local real estate club made up of a team of successful real estate investors. Our senior members of the club teach others how to invest in real estate and flip houses. Since 2009, we have led the effort to teach, coach and mentor nearly 6,000 real estate students and we have closed over 600 real estate deals. We know The number one barrier to real estate investing is knowing where to start. With its own terminology and an endless array of opportunities, just getting started can be a daunting task. The foundation of our community is an education in real estate investing.

our Club is committed to providing you the education you need to become a successful real estate investor. Our veteran instructors have decades of experience in real estate investing. They have specialized in numerous disciplines of real estate investing including short sales, foreclosures, flipping houses, rental income, and creative financing.

How We Do It

Our real estate investment education and systems are the most professional, current, complete and highest quality you will find. You will learn how to identify and find leads, create real estate deals, steer clear of pitfalls, finance opportunities, execute transactions, tackle fix and flips, integrate wholesales, manage real estate assets, collaboratively partner with other club members to research leads and invest in real estate deals and much more.

At our club, you’ll learn secrets from seasoned professionals as well as strategies to fine tune well established practices.

In our community we don’t just teach real estate investing – we create real estate investors.

Why We Do It

From our launch in 2011, we have been blessed with year-over-year growth. Each year, our club membership has grown, our mentorship programs have been enriched and we have flipped even more homes! Millions and millions of dollars in real estate transactions have been successfully closed by our club members.

We are absolutely committed to leaving homeowners in better situations than where we found them, regardless of whether or not we make money! We want to provide you a real opportunity to make positive changes in your life. Moreover, we want to inspire and encourage you to make an impact on the lives of others.

In our community we don’t just teach real estate investing – we create real estate investors.